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Civil War Ghost Walk, August 17, 2013

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

Join us!

In just a month’s time, the St. Johnsbury History and Heritage Center is hosting its second Civil War Ghost Walk on Saturday, August 17th at 7:30 P.M. at the Mount Pleasant Cemetery. There are many Civil War Veterans buried in the Mt. Pleasant Cemetery. This year’s walk will introduce you to twelve “new” veterans, including two sets of father and son volunteers, some POWs, a sharp shooter, and a Confederate. How did a Confederate come to be buried in Vermont? Come along with us as we stop by each of the ten grave sites to hear their stories.

John Dana

John Dana Jr.

Milo Grow

John Green

Thomas Brigham

Charles W. Brigham

Thomas Kidder

George Crosby

Pearl Blodgett

Walstein Morris

Edward French

Nathaniel Dean

Please remember to bring a flashlight. We will have lanterns about, but it does get dark as the evening moves toward 8:30 P.M. Maybe you will want a light sweater or jacket as the evening cools; and after all of this year’s rain, you may want to have some bug repellent handy.

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