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Come join us throughout the year as we celebrate all things St. Johnsbury - from the former residents and their amazing stories to the traditional crafts being kept alive!


Immerse yourself in the music, stories, crafts and lives of St. Johnsbury's community through our interactive and exciting events and quests!

Whether you're interested in a calm evening filled with excellent music and friends or you're seeking the adventure of combing through the multi-level, 50 acre Mt. Pleasant Cemetery on a quest - we've got the perfect event for anyone!

Join us in the lovely fall weather to learn about traditional crafts of the region through demonstrations and hands-on experiences. Exhibits include candle making, quilting, spring pole lathe, and even a Civil War traveling forge!

Festival of Traditional Crafts

Craft Poster Revised.png

Ghost Walk

Due to inclement weather, this event has been rescheduled.

Learn about the history of St. Johnsbury through the stories of the people who made it. This guided tour through the Mt. Pleasant Cemetery features the “ghosts” of St. Johnsbury citizens who tell their stories. Past themes have included businesses, St. Johnsbury Academy history, Civil War soldiers, and women of St. Johnsbury.

10AM to 4PM September 30, 2023


St. Johnsbury Band Concert

The St. Johnsbury Band is one of the oldest in the nation. Join us each summer for a special concert at the Center and in the fall for a concert saluting Veterans and their service.


Cemetery Quest

Take some time to explore Mount Pleasant Cemetery in St. Johnsbury, Vermont, with this cemetery quest created by Jenn Paine and Nancy Goodrich! It’s an interesting adventure for students and adults – and a chance to learn more about some local history in the process!

Download the Cemetery Quest & Map!


Historic St. Johnsbury Walking Tour 

Pick up a brochure at the Welcome Center or the St. Johnsbury History & Heritage Center for a self-guided stroll of the town's Victorian architecture and historic landmarks. 

Download the Tour!


Mt. Pleasant Cemetery Walking Tour 

Explore the stories behind the stones! Over 70 mini stories and a beautiful walking tour, through this picturesque property will fill the day if you're looking to explore Mt. Pleasant Cemetery.

Download the Tour!

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