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Welcome to our StJHHC Blog

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

It’s great to know you found your way here!

Welcome to our informal web space, the St. Johnsbury History and Heritage Center blog. This bit of cyber-space is where we share found resources and our musings about St. Johnsbury’s history and heritage. We often conduct research for our publications and educational programs and when so doing often “discover” materials that we consider to be of interest to a wider audience, and we believe the blog format would be a great way to share these materials with you. We also want to keep our supporters and members apprised of the activities and doings at the Center.

We are established in a physical location in the Summer Street School building in St. Johnsbury. Our office, with Peggy Pearl at the helm, is up and running. The space has been organized by a group of volunteers who are enthusiastic about St. Johnsbury’s history. Being, comparatively, a more recent new-comer to this area, I have been present in the office at various times and have been privileged to soak in some of the memories of St. Johnsbury’s more recent history. The retelling of school, work, and other activities reflect the heart and soul of every day history, these are the stories that are often lost in the tapestry of history, yet they are the threads that connect us with one another and our common past.

If you would like to learn more about the Center, you can check out our website, or call us at 802-492-1090 (Peggy’s office) or email Peggy at this address:

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